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Gayle King Is Flirting on Main


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Lenny Kravitz can evoke so many emotions — joy, serenity, chest envy — but above all, horniness. No one is immune to this man’s sex appeal, least of all Gayle King, who recently seized upon an opportunity to shoot her shot with the rock star during a CBS Mornings interview.

This week, CBS shared a clip from King’s extended interview with Kravitz, which aired in full on Friday. In the preview, she asks him, “Do you have a significant other in your life? And can I beat her ass if she is?” She immediately backtracked with an “Oops, did I say that out loud?” but did not cease being horny on main, adding, “And I’m nonviolent, Lenny Kravitz!”

When King asked in a more straightforward way whether Kravitz was currently spoken for, he volleyed back, “Right now I’m just open.” Oh? King, of course, wanted to know, “Are you even looking?,” to which Kravitz responded, “It’s hard not to look. When you desire something, you’re looking for it, right?” Right! Right.

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A post shared by Gayle King (@gayleking)

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A post shared by Gayle King (@gayleking)

It is indeed hard not to look, for both myself and Gayle. In other clips, it appears King spent various parts of the interview with her hands clasped securely in Kravitz’s sand-exfoliated palms. To be clear, he was an enthusiastic participant — and sometimes initiator — of the hand-holding. I’ve never been more jealous of Oprah’s best friend.


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Danielle Cohen , 2024-05-24 20:06:03

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