Domino Sugar Plant Brooklyn


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Domino Sugar Plant Brooklyn

Built in 1882 this building and a large adjoining processing plant now demolished once employed 4500 men. However by the mid twentieth century most of the office operations moved to Manhattan and as the century ended the operations were downscaled and sourced to other parts of the country. The plant was closed down at the beginning of this century there were several years of political haggling of what to do with the site. Finally the City Planning Commission with private developers tore down the actual refinery, built a waterfront park and gave the building landmark status. The inside of the building was gutted out and now has office space and luxury housing and luxury high rise apartments has and is being constructed around the area plus a stop for the East River Ferry was added so the wealthy residents paying $7000 a month for a one bedroom don’t have to deal the surly common folk on the subway to and from their high paid corporate jobs in Manhattan.


Don Mosher Photography , 2024-05-11 08:45:08

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