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A Complete Guide to Who’s Still Together From Netflix’s Dating Shows

Netflix’s first original reality dating show,Love Is Blind, debuted just three years ago, and yet it seems like you can’t go anywhere these days without hearing “pod” this or “Bartise” that. Since 2020, the streamer has churned out countless iterations of the tried-and-true dating show — everything from Too Hot to Handle (singles who can’t have sex) and Single’s Inferno (singles who survive in the wilderness) to Dated & Related (singles who have siblings) and Perfect Match (singles who want Instagram followers) — and we’ve fallen in love with (nearly) all of them. But how effective have these shows been at putting together successful couples?

Let’s break down the stats: Of the 77 couples that made it out of the pods or off the island, 27 are together today. That’s more than a third of daters! Honestly, not bad. That said, most of the successes are from the mature/well-established/Love Is Blind variety of dating shows, not the sexy/island/no-clothes kind. So who’s going strong? Now that the Love Is Blind season-four reunion is finally over, here’s a complete (and very chaotic) breakdown of who’s still together from Netflix’s dating shows.

Love Is Blind

Sarah Ann and Jeramey, Season 6

Sarah Ann wanted to become the Bliss of this season but was just a lone patriot. She message Jeramey while he was still engaged to Laura, hoping to give their pod relationship a fighting chance, despite him choosing Laura in the pods over her. It worked out in her favor as she and Jeramey met up at a bar and “talked” until 5 a.m., causing Laura to break off her engagement with Jeramey when he lied about his whereabouts. Sarah Ann and Jeramey even rode off into the sunset on jet skis as they solidified their relationship at the lake party; the two were still adamant that nothing happened between them when he and Laura were still together. Sure, Jan.

Relationship status: Dating.
The two confirmed at the reunion that they have been not so happily dating for over a year and seemingly lost most of their Love Is Blind friends in the process. At least they’re saving the rest of North Carolina from having to date them.

Amy and Johnny, Season 6

Amy and Johnny had the least drama during their time on Love Is Blind. Most of their journey was spent discussing birth control and figuring out how to tell Amy’s strict father she’d found love on reality TV. Even that drama was short-lived, as Amy’s father just wanted his little girl to be happy.

Relationship status: Married.
Of course Amy and Johnny said yes. Their families beautifully blended together at their wedding, and it was a big ol’ cry fest. Now, let’s hope they’ve learned a little bit more about birth control.

A.D. and Clay, Season 6

Where do we start? Clay had to battle against Matthew, a humanized “Well, Actually,” for A.D.’s affection and narrowly won. Once Clay and A.D. met in the Dominican Republic, Clay explained that he would happily tell his future wife to go to the gym if she was getting out of shape. To make matters even worse, Clay believed cheating was hereditary; his father cheated on his mother growing up and basically broke any faith he had in an honest marriage.

Relationship status: Broken up.
Despite hyping up his bride throughout the entire wedding ceremony, Clay decided his parental trauma was too much for his soon-to-not-be marriage. How can we expect maturity from a man who saw his beautiful bride and immediately said, “Body”? He also mouthed her the word “No” during the ceremony, but A.D. must have not noticed since she still said yes at the altar. The reunion confirmed that they are both still broken up (thankfully, she didn’t end up with Matthew).

Lydia and Milton, Season 5

Lydia and Milton’s story gets a little rocky — fitting since they share a love of geology. They must overcome an age gap and get over Lydia’s real-life ex, Uche, accusing her of rigging the experiment so they end up together. All is fair in love and Love Is Blind.

Relationship status: Married.
Apparently, it didn’t matter what (or whom) this series threw at this couple; Lydia and Milton persisted, tying the knot during one of season five’s two weddings. Milton’s calm confidence is an inspiration to us all. Do we think they’ll move in with his Pokémon-loving roommate?

Stacy and Izzy, Season 5

This couple also didn’t have a smooth road to the altar — as you might recall, they were two key members of a pod love square with Johnie and Chris, which subsequently exploded at the group BBQ. And although they appeared to have a fabulous time shouting that Johnie is “fake,” they still had issues on the home front, namely Izzy’s bad credit score.

Relationship status: Broken up.
Stacy called this relationship off at the altar, explaining that she needed more time to make such a life-altering decision. (She knows she’s on Love Is Blind, right…?) Though it briefly seemed like they’d remain dating, the two split for good while standing outside the venue since Izzy didn’t want to invite that kind of hesitation into his life.

Brett and Tiffany, Season 4

These two were a picture-perfect pod couple — despite Tiffany famously falling asleep mid-conversation thanks to a mega-size bottle of tequila. And even after the honeymoon stage, issues like friends, families, and living in different cities couldn’t break them apart, with Brett offering to upgrade his already spotless apartment and Tiffany just … not dozing off again.

Relationship status: Married.
Of course they made it out! Despite a slight tailoring snafu at the wedding, these two get down the aisle and say “I do,” even stealing away to the bridal suite after the ceremony to consummate the marriage. May we all have a relationship as perfect and horny as theirs.

Zack and Bliss, Season 4


Zack and Bliss got off to a somewhat rocky start — that tends to happen when you propose to another woman, particularly the season’s resident mean girl, Irina. But after that relationship fell apart, Zack and Bliss reunited in Seattle, ultimately getting engaged on a boat (and fully knowing what the other looked like). But that didn’t mean their relationship was all smooth sailing — the couple dealt with their doubting families after quickly getting engaged on their already sped-up timeline, while Bliss considered whether or not she could get over Zack’s first engagement.

Relationship status: Married.
Despite Bliss’s father telling her to “never settle” before she headed down the aisle, these two are happily married, sharing their first dance to, of course, Lee Ann Womack’s “I Hope You Dance.” Let’s hope their mutual love of owls keeps them together forever.

Kwame and Chelsea, Season 4

Kwame had two strong connections in the pods, but after getting dumped by Irina’s BFF, Micah, he coupled up with speech-language pathologist Chelsea. In spite of their mutual attraction, they experienced their fair share of bumps in the road, from Kwame’s disapproving mother to Kwame not wanting to move from Portland to Kwame’s continued flirting with Micah. Sensing a pattern here?

Relationship status: Married.
Shocking, we know! Kwame’s pre-wedding jitters are tamped down by big sister Barbara, leaving the happy couple to run into a sunset filled with pink kitchen gadgets and Rocky the dog.

Jackie and Josh, Season 4

No, Jackie and Josh didn’t get engaged on Love Is Blind like everyone else, although they did say yes to other people. While we saw Jackie get engaged to Marshall, the After the Altar special revealed that Josh actually proposed to a cast member named Monica — and he’s pretty pissed that she revealed that fact publicly. Nevertheless, these two got together after Jackie called off her impending nuptials and made a villainous Zoom appearance together during the disastrous live reunion.

Relationship status: Broken up.
Apparently, that Irish Goodbye with Monica during the After the Altar special had a big impact — just weeks after the episodes premiered, Jackie announced that she and Josh had split after their on-screen fight with his ex-fiancée. On the other hand, Marshall is now happily dating a doctor named Chay and living a drama-free lifestyle.

Brennon and Alexa, Season 3

On paper, cowboy Brennon and fashionista Alexa don’t seem like they’d work — she’s from the city and he’s from the farm, she’s Jewish and he’s Christian, she’s an alpha who won’t ask twice and he has a historical fear of commitment. But from a romantic reveal and shared love of shakshuka their relationship only grew, overcoming family and friend visits and even drama from their fellow podders without many hiccups.

Relationship status: Married.
Alexa and Brennon get married in an emotional ceremony that’s the stuff of fairytales. Now Alexa makes regular trips to the farm to visit Brennon’s family, while Brennon is apparently more than accepting of his wife’s overflowing closet. They’re each other’s lobsters — a phrase that’s engraved on their wedding bands.

Matt and Colleen, Season 3

After suffering rejection after rejection in the pods, ballet dancer Colleen finally opened up to Matt, and the two got engaged. But they soon experienced some of the most explosive fights of the season, with Matt becoming angry about everything from Col’s continued flirting to her going to a bar. Things only got worse at the season’s bachelorette party, when Colleen revealed that she’d take a bullet for Matt but wasn’t quite sure he’d take one for her. Raven’s reaction face said it all.

Relationship status: Married.
Shockingly, these two made it! They both said “I do” at the altar, and Colleen continues to plié and jeté around the thousands of negative comments about their relationship online. As of the reunion, they still don’t live together; love may be blind, but it doesn’t always make for good roommates.

Raven and SK, Season 3

Pilates instructor Raven got engaged to grad student SK in the pods (and, thankfully, avoided the walking red flag that is Bartise). Their connection was a slow burn, with Raven preferring to lead him in workout sessions rather than build their physical connection. But by the time the wedding rolled around, Raven was pretty dedicated to the relationship, even opting to wear a gele in honor of SK’s Nigerian heritage. Get you a girl who can do both.

Relationship status: Broken up.
After SK dumped Raven at the altar, they tried the relationship again, with SK proposing during the season’s After the Altar special. However, shortly after, the couple broke up for the second time when allegations of SK cheating surfaced online. Word’s still out on how his overprotective mother feels about that.

Shayne and Natalie, Season 2

Despite Shaina doing her best to tear these two apart (and Shayne calling Natalie the wrong name), Shayne and Natalie somehow made it out of the pods engaged and happy. And besides minor arguments about financial and wedding planning (Natalie rightfully barred Old Fashioned fountains at their nuptials), they had relatively little drama at home, teasing the possibility that maybe opposites really do attract.

Relationship status: Broken up.
Everything allegedly came to a head the night before their Old Fashioned–free wedding during an off-camera fight that resulted in Shayne telling Natalie he hates her and she’s the worst thing that ever happened to him. After an at-the-altar breakup, the two attempted to date, but that didn’t work out. This wouldn’t be the last we’d see of Shayne — he went on to star in Perfect Match, with Natalie claiming he got cast while they were still dating. Probably best we leave this one in the past.

Nick and Danielle, Season 2

Nick and Danielle seemed perfect for one another — after becoming the first couple to get engaged in season two, Danielle accepted the fact that Nick made his own toothpaste, while Nick accepted the fact that Danielle enjoyed wearing costumes and breaking tables. But soon the couple began arguing, like, all the time — they broke down after a party with their fellow castmates and after Nick met Danielle’s family. And that’s not even mentioning that they both seemed a little more obsessed with their pets than each other.

Relationship status: Divorced.
At the end of season two, Nick and Danielle did get married — remaining together throughout the reunion and subsequent After the Altar special — but quickly announced their divorce in the summer of 2022. What followed was a whole bunch of messy bickering in the press. Maybe custom-made dog socks are a red flag.

Jarrette and Iyanna, Season 2

After being torn between Iyanna and Mallory in the pods, Jarrette chose Mallory … only to be turned down. So he pursued a relationship with program coordinator Iyanna … despite continuing to (maybe) flirt with his ex, “Mal-Mal,” at various group functions. Although they passed the family-and-friends tests with flying colors, the couple ran into problems when Jarrette’s thriving social life clashed with Iyanna’s more introverted nature.

Relationship status: Divorced.
Although they got married at the end of season two, the After the Altar special displayed some of the couple’s worst red flags, including a conflicting baby timeline and Iyanna moving out. They announced their divorce in August 2022, just two days before news broke of Nick and Danielle’s impending split. Couples who pod together get divorced together.

Damian and Giannina, Season 1

After a connection in the pods fostered a sweet double proposal (and a horny start in Mexico), Damian and Giannina quickly devolved into one of the most volatile couples in the bunch. They fought over social media. They fought over sex. They fought over feeling awkward! It’s no wonder Damian’s parents canceled on meeting her.

Relationship status: Broken up.
After Damian broke up with Giannina at the altar (and Giannina muddied her dress by dramatically sprinting out of the ceremony), the couple briefly rekindled their relationship but broke up in August 2021 as rumors swirled about Damian dating Too Hot to Handle’s Francesca Farago. Now Giannina’s dating Bachelor in Paradise alum Blake Horstmann, while Damian most recently attempted to date Francesca on Perfect Match (to no avail). You know what they say: If love isn’t blind, it can be found with another reality-television star.

Barnett and Amber, Season 1

Amber wasn’t the only one Barnett connected with in the pods — remember Jessica, who let her dog drink her wine? Yep, he was torn between those two. He chose Amber, and the two immediately shared a physical connection. But the couple ended up facing their fair share of real-life issues, from Amber’s previous abortion to her student loans to his family’s disapproval.

Relationship status: Married.
Despite cold feet from both ends, Barnett and Amber said “I do” to each other at the altar. They live in Georgia and have a dog together named Koda. Even Jessica couldn’t tear that apart.

Cameron and Lauren, Season 1

Love Is Blind OGs Lauren and Cameron are basically the blueprint for this show — as the first-ever couple to get engaged, it was basically love at first listen. Even though content creator Lauren was a little fearful of giving up her independent lifestyle for scientist Cameron, they ended up having minimal drama throughout the rest of the series, unless you count Cameron offering to share his toothbrush or rapping in front of Lauren’s mom.

Relationship status: Married.
The two are still happily married and live together in Atlanta. But don’t worry — they’re still not sharing toothbrushes. Some boundaries are good!

Love Is Blind: Brazil

Alisson and Thamara, Season 2


During season two of Love Is Blind Brazil, attorney Thamara racked up a number of admirers in the pods, but none stood out like Alisson, who opened up about being adopted at a young age. During the honeymoons, the couple shared a picture-perfect connection … until Thamara revealed that she ended an eight-year relationship just days before entering the pods and her ex was still trying to win her back. Oof.

Relationship status: Married.
After getting married during the season-two finale, the couple has remained together, with Alisson even moving to Rio de Janeiro to live with Thamara. However, the two have dealt with continued public accusations from Thamara’s ex-boyfriend, who claims she cheated on him by going on the show; in response, Thamara announced on her Instagram Stories that she’d be contacting her attorneys. You can’t out-lawyer a lawyer.

Robert and Flávia, Season 2

After bonding over their shared experience with single mothers, Flávia took the lead in this sweet relationship, proposing to Robert in the pods (which he later reciprocated). Their slow burn stayed strong throughout, and they established a physical connection, met each other’s families, and even crafted their own wedding rings.

Relationship status: Divorced.
During the reunion, the couple revealed that they split shortly after their wedding when Flávia discovered Robert was cheating on her … despite repeating throughout the series that his biggest fear was being cheated on. You can’t make this stuff up.

Lissio and Luana, Season 1

Luana and Lissio had a rocky start, with Lissio torn between Luana and attorney Carolina Stamatis in the pods. But once he chose Luana, it was (relatively) easy for the couple to begin their lives together, with Luana’s only complaint being that Lissio was a little bit too smooth of a talker during their minor quarrels.

Relationship status: Divorced.
Luana and Lissio were the only couple to remain married by the time season one premiered, but the couple ultimately revealed their divorce in a since-deleted November 2022 Instagram video, citing a private crisis as the reason for their split.

Thiago and Nanda, Season 1

Throughout her time in the pods, Nanda was torn between thrill-seeking Thiago and architect Mackdavid. Once she chose Thiago (and proposed to him!!), the couple shared an intense physical connection that quickly broke down in the real world. After arguments in which Thiago called women “the weaker sex,” even Nanda’s dog didn’t like him.

Relationship status: Divorced.
While Thiago and Nanda got married during the finale, they split shortly after, and Thiago wasted no time returning to being the life of the party (a.k.a. getting kicked out of clubs for having sex in the bathroom). But in a surprise twist during the reunion, Nanda announced her reconciliation with Mack, with Mack even proposing to her at the end of the episode; in May 2022, the two welcomed a son named Ben. So you decide who really won the breakup.

Hudson and Carol, Season 1

Despite their age gap, Carolina and Hudson experienced an emotional connection in the pods — they bonded over a shared love for their families and experiences with racism. After leaving the honeymoon phase, they each passed the friends-and-family tests but couldn’t agree on their views about advocacy and feminism, with Carolina calling Hudson sexist in an off-screen argument.

Relationship status: Divorced.
While they made it down the aisle, the two announced their breakup during the reunion, choosing to keep the reasons why private.

Love Is Blind: Japan

Wataru and Midori, Season 1

By all accounts, Wataru and Midori shouldn’t have ended up together — Midori, a business planner, went into the pods skeptical about marriage. At the same time, Wataru, an IT executive who’d been married once before, was busy bonding with fellow contestant Priya. But their shared ambition, experiences living in the United States, and love for dogs bonded the two before an engagement. However, those weren’t the only challenges the couple faced: After the reveal, Midori explained that she’d hoped Wataru would have more “delicate” features and questioned whether marriage was for her.

Relationship status: Married.
Saying that they didn’t want to lose one another, Wataru and Midori got married in the Love Is Blind: Japan season-one finale and have remained together ever since. And in January 2023, they welcomed our first official Love Is Baby (!!), a daughter lovingly nicknamed Mataru. U.S. couples: Take notes.

Ryotaro and Motomi, Season 1

Salesperson Motomi wasn’t looking for a traditional marriage — which is exactly why she bonded with hairstylist Ryotaro in the pods over their shared beliefs (and mutual love for chinchillas). Soon enough, the two were penning romantic letters to each other. Outside of the pods, Ryotaro proved his dedication by dying his blond frosted tips back to their natural black to impress Motomi’s father. That’s true love.

Relationship status: Married.
Of course these two made it. After getting married in a romantic ceremony, the couple has stayed together ever since. In her November 2022 pregnancy announcement, Motomi noted that she’s already “dreaming of” playdates with Wataru and Midori’s children. We. Can’t. Handle. It!!!!

Too Hot to Handle

Alex and Elys, Season 5

During the season, Elys was labeled the ultimate heartbreaker — she first dated Hunter before moving on to Alex and had trouble opening up after her parents’ tough divorce. But when Lana gave her a strict time limit to get vulnerable (and waved $25,000 in front of Alex, to no avail), the Swiss bombshell melted — and even nabbed the season’s $100,000 prize (which she split with fellow contestant Dre).

Relationship status: Broken up.
Elys and Alex remained together for six months after filming but “parted ways as friends,” according to her Instagram. Some things never change.

Louis and Christine, Season 5

Christine encouraged Louis to shirk Lana’s strict rules throughout season five — who could forget the things she did to that poor banana? And despite Louis sneaking a cheeky boob touch on his date with bombshell Linzy, he decided to (potentially) give up his shot at the money for a chance on the outside world with Christine, and the two ended happily together.

Relationship status: Broken up.
After the season, Christine revealed on Instagram that she and Louis dated for a year and a half after filming wrapped but ultimately decided to call things off. Nevertheless, she still called him “the man that heated up my cold heart”—and after all, isn’t that what Too Hot to Handle is all about?

Seb and Kayla, Season 4

Seb and Kayla were the resident rule breakers of season four — after steadily increasing in riskiness, they broke Lana’s ultimate rule midway through the series and had some steamy shower sex in the house’s communal bathroom. Despite them becoming boyfriend-girlfriend, only one of their fellow contestants voted for them to take home the ultimate prize because that’s one way to get your roommates to hate you.

Relationship status: Dating (again).
While Seb and Kayla confirmed their breakup on Netflix’s official YouTube channel immediately post-premiere, they’re back together on Instagram, with the two posting snaps cuddling and kissing on the beach. Perhaps Kayla sums it up best, writing, “This is us, let’s see where it goes.”

James and Brittan, Season 4

Thanks to James’s strict money-saving tactics, he and Brittan didn’t spend that much cash during their time in the villa, no matter how much Brittan may have wanted to. But after a brief fling with Ethan, Brittan returned to James’s bed, and the two earned a green light (and kiss) from Lana on their romantic final date.

Relationship status: Unknown.
Although they took a short break after filming wrapped, the Hawaii natives confirmed to Netflix in December 2022 that they’re in the “dating phase” — but they haven’t been spotted on each other’s social media since around that time, either.

Nick and Jawahir, Season 4

Nick and Jawahir certainly gave Seb and Kayla a run for their money, costing the group $41,000 to Seb and Kayla’s $68,000. But through an intimate connection built via mindfulness and meditation (and horniness), the yogi and model were able to overcome anything in their way — even a Greek God named Shawn — and ultimately took home what was left of the prize pot.

Relationship status: Broken up.
They didn’t last, but the prize pot was spent well — the couple remained together for several months after filming, hiking in Indonesia, living together in London and Bali, and bar-hopping all around the world.

Nathan and Holly, Season 3

Remember these two? The people who racked up the biggest tab in Too Hot to Handle history? The people who spent so much that Nathan had to go away to Lana jail? The people who spent $6,000 to smooch a piece of cloth? Yeah, those people.

Relationship status: Broken up.
Obviously any couple that horny wasn’t going to make it. During the reunion, they cited long distance and Holly getting her college degree as the main reasons for their split, not the embarrassment of wasting nearly $150,000 on international television.

Harry and Beaux, Season 3

Season three winners Harry and Beaux were more of a slow burn — though they were initially platonic, a late-night kiss took their “friends” status to lover level. Unlike some of their fellow contestants, these two followed Lana’s rules to build a connection, ultimately nabbing the season’s first Lana hall pass and what was left of the prize pot.

Relationship status: Broken up.
Although they didn’t last, they do remain close. In a post-season interview with Netflix’s Tudum, the former couple said they speak nearly every day. They take the “friends” part of friends-to-lovers seriously!

Cam and Emily, Season 2

Cam and Emily had an early spark after arriving at the villa, sharing a kiss even before Lana announced the rules. But the strict protocols didn’t stop the couple, who dropped a pretty penny on a few kisses (and a so-called “crab grab”) before they wised up and closed their legs.

Relationship status: In a relationship.
Despite taking a brief break in 2022, Cam and Emily are stronger than ever, announcing in February 2023 that they had just purchased a new home together. But it hasn’t been all easy going for the couple — in June 2022, Emily announced that she experienced an ectopic pregnancy and had to get her fallopian tube removed.

Marvin and Melinda, Season 2

Despite Marvin’s surprise win, he and Melinda didn’t have an easy time following Lana’s rules — she kissed Marvin and fellow contestant Peter on the same night, and going all the way cost the group $20,000. But after a chaste night in the private suite, Marvin asked Melinda to be his girlfriend, and the two ended the show together.

Relationship status: Broken up.
During the season-two reunion episode, the couple explained that they would reunite during a trip to Mexico, but he canceled the trip after a fight, which ended the relationship. But that wasn’t the end of Melinda’s Too Hot journey — in 2021, Melinda and Peter went on to briefly date but don’t seem to be together anymore.

Joey and Carly, Season 2

Early on, Carly explored a connection with Chase before the two realized they weren’t a match. But when Joey made a late entrance into the villa, Carly found herself a rebound that turned into a genuine romance, and the couple agreed to pursue things after the series.

Relationship status: Broken up.
In August 2021, Carly uploaded a series of Instagram Stories accusing Joey of cheating on her; she’s currently dating Love Island USA’s Bennett Sipes, probably because they bonded over their mutual love of massive communal villas.

Robert and Christina, Season 2

These mid-season arrivals made the most of their time in the villa, quickly racking up $8,000 in fines from their constant kissing. But Lana wasn’t impressed with their antics, sending them home just three days before the finale because they weren’t taking the process seriously.

Relationship status: Broken up.
But they did date after the show for nine months. How’s that for serious, Lana?

Harry and Francesca, Season 1

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix/Courtesy of Netflix

When you think of Too Hot to Handle, you think of Harry and Francesca. They were the OGs of rule-breaking, costing the group nearly $30,000 until they earned it all back by spending one single night without touching each other. Plus, who could forget his Zoom Ring Pop proposal? It was a simpler time.

Relationship status: Broken up.
After a year of dating each other (and a faux proposal), the two split in June 2020 due to COVID restrictions. A year later, they were linked once again, but Francesca quickly shut down reconciliation rumors, calling Harry “disrespectful.” Now Harry’s dating fellow Too Hot to Handle star Georgia Hassarati, while Francesca’s happily partnered up with TikTok star Jesse Sullivan. How’s that for two cheeky little possums?

Sharron and Rhonda, Season 1

Sharron and Rhonda hit it off before they even knew what Lana was or what, exactly, she’d be stopping them from doing. But by (mostly) following her rules, the two opened up to each other throughout the retreat and became official by the end of it.

Relationship status: Broken up.
The couple gave it a go for a few months after filming but split due to distance and COVID restrictions.

David and Lydia, Season 1

David and Lydia
While David spent most of the retreat woefully alone, during the final episodes, he sent sparks flying with the late arrival MMA cage girl Lydia, sharing a bed with her and agreeing to see where the relationship could go.

Relationship status: Broken up.
They only had like three days together!

Single’s Inferno

Choi Jong-woo and Shin Seul-ki, Season 2

Pianist Seul-ki had no shortage of suitors on Inferno, from surgeon Dong-woo to veteran Jin-young to, of course, barista Jong-woo. But thanks to her decision to stay loyal to Seul-ki throughout Inferno, the couple finally got to explore their connection during the season’s last Paradise and left the island together.

Relationship status: Unknown.  
It doesn’t look like they made it. Since season two’s January 2023 finale, neither Jong-Woo nor Seul-ki has spoken publicly about the relationship. Seems like it wasn’t Paradise after all.

Jo Yoong-jae and Choi Seo-eun, Season 2

Among the older Single’s Inferno season-two contestants, stockbroker Yoong-jae and artist Seo-eun clicked right away, picking each other for their first Paradise and spending the night together. So even when chef Han-bin whisked away Seo-eun, the couple chose to walk away from Inferno as a match.

Relationship status: Dating.  
In fact, they might even be the first Inferno wedding — when asked on a January 2023 Instagram Live if they would get married soon, Yoong-jae responded, “I hope so.” Perhaps a destination wedding is in order?

Kim Se-Jun and Lee So-e, Season 2

When tailor Se-Jun rolled up to the island mid-series, it was perfect timing for So-e, who had just been left heartbroken by Yoong-ae. But a trip to Paradise (and sweet helicopter ride) solidified their relationship, and they became the first couple to exit Inferno together during season two.

Relationship status: Broken up.  
Although the two posted some sweet selfies after the finale came out, Se-Jun said in a January 2023 Instagram Live that she’s his “dongsaeng” — meaning little sister. What a way to be friend zoned.

Oh Jin-taek and Kang So-yeon, Season 1

Despite the instant connection between shop owner Jin-taek and gym owner So-yeon, they had their fair share of drama as Jin-taek played the field. But after hitting Paradise together more than once, it wasn’t a surprise these two left Inferno firmly coupled.

Relationship status: Broken up.  
Although they never confirmed their relationship status, fans speculated they dated for a few months after the island. But now Jin-taek is dating PR executive Lily Baek — no survival skills required.

Ahn Yea-won and Kim Jun-sik, Season 1

After the first round of Paradise, Yea-won and Jun-sik were Single’s Inferno’s left-behind castaways: Stuck on Inferno, the two (and third wheel Se-hoon) had nothing to do but get to know one another. Naturally they coupled up during the next Paradise and remained together for the rest of the series.

Relationship status: Broken up.  
Shortly after the series premiered, Yea-won uploaded an Instagram Story that translated to, “I think our relationship is over. I’m sad again …” That was fast.

Moon Se-hoon and Shin Ji-yeon, Season 1

Se-hoon had tunnel vision on student Ji-yeon: Despite her rejecting him multiple times, he continued to pursue her, ultimately winning her over and taking her to Paradise. And after Ji-yeon tearfully opened up, they became official — and cemented their status as fan favorites.

Relationship status: Broken up.  
While they remain on good terms (even meeting up to film a vlog or two), Se-hoon and Ji-yeon didn’t continue their relationship off the island. Now, Ji-yeon has requested privacy about her relationship status from her followers, so we probably won’t know the next time she couples up.

Song Ji-a and Kim Hyun-joong, Season 1

Ji-a and her so-called “puppy,” Hyeon-joong, initially seemed made for each other — both had careers in fashion, and the two felt instant chemistry despite only speaking a few times. Even a love square involving Si-Hun and Hyun-Seung couldn’t throw them off their tracks, and they left Inferno together.

Relationship status: Broken up.  
After the series, fans assumed Hyun-joong unfollowed Ji-a because she got exposed for wearing knockoffs. But he set the record straight, revealing that while they are broken up, the two remain on friendly terms. So no, owning fake Chanel isn’t a reason to dump someone.

Indian Matchmaking

Aashay and Viral, Season 2

When we met Viral in season two of Indian Matchmaking, she needed a partner who was just as ambitious and successful as her. After one failed date (with another Viral), she met New York City native Aashay at a rock-climbing gym and felt instant chemistry — thanks to a very sexy shoulder tat. From there, Viral even traveled to NYC for their second date, and the couple continued to grow closer … despite Aashay’s tardiness.

Relationship status: Unknown.
As of right now, it’s unclear — neither Aashay nor Viral has spoken publicly about their relationship status. But they’re both featured in first-look images for season three of Indian Matchmaking, so it’s safe to say we’ll have an update soon.

Niraj and Shital, Season 2

After going on several failed dates with Sima’s matches, New Jersey native Shital was ready to find the one. But it wasn’t Sima who set her up with her soulmate; it was her sister. While catching up with Sima, Shital told her that Florida-based oncologist Niraj teaches his cancer patients “to heal through dance.” Bring on the TikTok trends.

Relationship status: In a relationship.
Shital and Niraj are still going strong, with Shital relocating to Miami for the doctor and even helping him put on dance events. That deserves some healing choreography.

Nadia and Shekar, Season 2


After we watched Nadia try to find love throughout season one, things finally seemed to be looking up when she went on a date with Chicago lawyer Shekar. In season two, the relationship progressed slowly, with Shekar successfully meeting her family … until he caught Nadia making out with another guy, Vishal, at a party. Whoops.

Relationship status: Broken up.
Nadia ultimately broke up with Shekar via video call to pursue things with Vishal. However, those two didn’t work out either after he visited her in California to tell her he didn’t see anything romantic between them. As of now, Nadia’s still looking for the one — but has confirmed that she won’t be finding him in season three.

Pradhyuman and Rushali, Season 1

Sima Aunty’s toughest client ever, Pradhyuman claimed to have rejected over 150 women before season one. In Indian Matchmaking’s first chapter, he finally accepted a date from actress Rushali, and the two went on a romantic sunset horse-riding date.

Relationship status: Broken up.
It looks like date No. 151 was the lucky one for Pradhyuman. After he and Rushali didn’t work out, the jewelry designer met model Ashima at a party; season two documented their courtship and Rajasthan wedding — no Sima involved.

Akshay and Radhika, Season 1

After his mother insisted he get married within the year, Akshay rejected over 70 matches before finding Radhika. The two shared a somewhat awkward phone courtship before he proposed to her; to celebrate the milestone, the couple’s families even threw them a pre-wedding Roka.

Relationship status: Broken up.
Despite celebrating their relationship with a Roka, Akshay soon broke off his engagement to Radhika, telling MEAWW that the two couldn’t “hold a conversation together for more than five minutes.” That’s a good reason!

Jay and Aparna, Season 1

When we met attorney Aparna in season one, she had a detailed list of criteria for her potential partner: he had to be North Indian, had to have passions outside of work, and needed to know that Bolivia had salt flats (but she didn’t care about a sense of humor). After a few failed dates, product manager Jay appeared to meet all of her must-haves (salt flats included, hopefully), and Aparna even introduced him to her friends.

Relationship status: Broken up.
But they’re still friends. After Aparna decided to move to New York, he helped her find a place; meanwhile, she congratulated him on his 2022 engagement. During season two, Aparna tried it out with Daman, but the distance got to them; since then, she’s been promoting her new book, She’s Unlikeable: And Other Lies That Bring Women Down.

Vyasar and Rashi, Season 1

 The end of Indian Matchmaking season one seemed optimistic for guidance counselor Vyasar — he found a connection with veterinarian Rashi, with the two bonding over everything from family to India to their shared love of the Nintendo 64. But their story ended on a cliffhanger after Vyasar decided to reveal to Rashi the reason why he and his father are estranged: His dad was in prison for threatening to kill his mom.

Relationship status: Broken up.
Vyasar confirmed in a post-show interview that he was still single. But in 2021, the sweet guidance counselor revealed the series actually played a role in getting him a girlfriend — a fan slid into his DMs after watching him on the show, and they’ve been together ever since. In a way, it’s like Sima found him a match after all.

Love on the Spectrum

Tanner and Kate, Season 2

Tanner, a 24-year-old from South Carolina, had never been on a date before and hoped to find a Christian girlfriend who likes history and has a talkative personality to match. He went on a blind date with Kate, who, while a bit shy, was an attentive listener and happily answered all of Tanner’s questions. Tanner even got some advice from a relationship coach on how to help Kate come out of her shell a little more on dates.

Relationship status: Broken up.
Tanner and Kate have decided to remain friends — who wouldn’t want to be friends with Tanner, he rocks. Hopefully, he’ll find a history-loving gal to high-five in the future.

Journey and Talia, Season 2

Journey, who was diagnosed with autism one year before filming, was the youngest cast member in season two. On her second date, she met Talia, who gave Marceline and Princess Bubblegum vibes as they giggled and bantered throughout a botanical garden.

Relationship status: Broken up.
Unfortunately, the couple decided not to stay together. Journey told Tudum that they hadn’t been on any dates since the show ended, but they were happy to get the experience. She’s now focusing on other parts of her life, like being in pastry school. One day, she’ll spoil a special lady with sweet treats.

Abbey and David, Season 2

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix/Courtesy of Netflix

Fan favorites from last season, Abbey and David’s relationship continued to grow as big as their love of animals. They hit a huge relationship milestone and went on their first international trip as a couple to Kenya with their families, where they saw lions in their natural habitat. It also reassured each other that they’re a perfect match, showing how much they’ve grown since they were just cubs in love.

Relationship status: Still together.
Like a true lion, Abbey and David’s love is roaring proudly, ending with a beautiful rendition of “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” from The Lion King. After two years of dating, the couple has begun discussing wedding plans, as briefly hinted in the season two finale. “We would have a delicious Costco pizza and Krispy Kreme doughnuts,” Abbey told ET. “And we might get married in Africa or the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.” We hope their love stays as sweet as a Krispy Kreme donut.

James and Maggie, Season 2

Another fan favorite returning for another chance of love was James, who had a better understanding of what he wants in a relationship. He went out with a woman from Instagram but stopped dating once he found out she wanted children, and he didn’t. After getting some dating advice from his father — the way he pronounced Ferrero Roche was probably my favorite moment of the season — James met Maggie on a blind date at a castle and seemed to have hit it off, bonding over their love of mythology and Frog and Toad.

Relationship status: Broken up.
James and Maggie decided to be friends, and it was revealed that James, despite not wanting children himself, was dating a single mother of two. However, by the time the episode aired, they had broken up as well. With more dating experience, James can save a bag of gummy candy for that special person.

Dani and Adan

Dani is a woman who knows what she wants, and she wants to hit a “home run.” (It’s a metaphor for sex.) She first met Adan in season one at a speed dating event where they bonded over their love of animation. However, Dani chose to date Solomon, but when that ended, she was reunited with Adan, even teaching him how to kiss using a cupcake.

Relationship status: Still together.
Even though Adan doesn’t own an animation studio (yet), the couple is still happily together. Adan was even Dani’s date to the GWEN Luminary Awards in March, proving behind every successful animation lover is another animation lover supporting her.

Conner and Emily, Season 2

Conner and Emily’s love story started like many romcoms do: deciding to brush off the person you might be the most compatible with. During a speed dating session, Conner bumped into his ex-coworker Emily and immediately dismissed her right at the table— she saw him checking off the “No” box before she even got up. However, after having second thoughts, he called Emily to ask her out. They bonded over their dogs being named after Star Wars characters and Emily’s supportiveness of Conner when he was getting anxious on a date.

Relationship status: Broken up.
The last time we saw Conner and Emily, Conner was working up the courage to ask her to be his girlfriend. However, he told Tudum in January that they both had decided to be friends; Conner’s mom also confirmed their breakup on TikTok. Thankfully, Conner still has a sense of humor that’s winning over hearts online.

Subodh and Rachel, Season 1

When we met 33-year-old Subodh, he’d never been on a date before but was looking forward to one after searching for a life partner with whom he could travel the world. And after the two bonded over shared loves of cooking and movies, Subodh may have found that in Rachel, a reality star with Down Syndrome featured on A&E’s Born This Way. By the end of the season, he asked Rachel to be his girlfriend, an offer she delightfully accepted.

Relationship status: Broken up.
Sadly, Subodh and Rachel broke up after more than a year of dating in October 2022. But his family shared that Subodh is “doing okay and is taking a little time before he starts to get out there again to meet someone special!” Maybe that someone special could be waiting on season two.

Perfect Match

Dom and Georgia, Season 1

Dom and Georgia didn’t have the smoothest road to romance — both started in the villa dating Too Hot to Handle alums, Dom with Francesca and Georgia with Chase. But after Francesca dumped Dom for her Love Is Blind paramour, Damian, Georgia saw her opening for The Mole’s resident emo boy, and the two remained together for the rest of the series and even won the show.

Relationship status: Broken up.
And the breakup wasn’t exactly amicable. According to Dom, the two were still speaking when Georgia appeared on fellow Netflix star Harry Jowsey’s podcast in an episode that would be called “Georgia and Harry Jowsey Fall in Love”; Georgia claimed they weren’t actually together when she did the episode. Harry and Georgia began dating shortly after and have been together on and off ever since. This entire drama resulted in a whole bunch of screenshotted DMs and texts. Season two is writing itself.

Joey and Kariselle, Season 1

Photo: B) 2023 Netflix, Inc.

The couple host Nick Lachey called his “East Coast, blue-collar kids,” New Jersey natives Joey and Kariselle shared a past before Perfect Match — they had previously hooked up, but the Circle alum had a fear of commitment. After a slight bump in the road (whose name rhymes with Mace from Moo Mot to Mandle), they certainly committed throughout the rest of Perfect Match, with Joey proposing to Kariselle during their final date.

Relationship status: Broken up.
Apparently engagements aren’t binding in foreign countries. Joey and Kariselle split soon after filming, citing challenges of the real world as the reason for their breakup.

Shayne and Chloe, Season 1

Love Is Blind’s Shayne and Too Hot to Handle’s Chloe seemed to share an instant connection on their spa date, which consisted of doing face masks and taking a sexy, slow-motion shower. But when Chloe’s ex Mitchell walked into the villa, all bets were off. Even though she and Shayne eventually got back together, he could never really get over the Mitchell situation, continually throwing temper tantrums at the drop of a hat.

Relationship status: Broken up.
The couple split soon after filming wrapped, with Chloe revealing that their ups and downs just got too bumpy. But she’s already moved on with hockey player Ivan Lodnia — call that a perfect match.

Nick and LC, Season 1

The Circle’s Nick and Love Is Blind’s LC were put together right at the end of the series, as LC had the misfortune of being passed over every time her name came up in the boardroom. While the two shared a mutual attraction and grounded mindset (and had even DMed before the series started), their limited time didn’t make for a perfect match.

Relationship status: Broken up.
It seems like the relationship didn’t make it past Panama. Now, Nick may or may not be dating former Bachelorette Katie Thurston … if he can ever get over Francesca.

Bartise and Izzy, Season 1

After chatting with Ines, Colony, Diamond, LC, and Abbey throughout the entire series, Love Is Blind alum and universally renowned douchebag Bartise finally matched up with Too Hot to Handle’s Izzy once she re-entered the villa (oh, yeah, after he rejected her the first time). The two went on their first and final date on a zipline, agreeing to see where this whole thing went in the six hours they had left.

Relationship status: Broken up.
C’mon, what did you think? Since the end of Perfect Match, Bartise revealed he has a son and went so far as to appear at the Love Is Blind reunion with him.

The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On

Riah and Trey, Season 2

Riah and Trey don’t agree on much: she wants to live in the city, and he wants to live in the suburbs; She wants a good sex life, and he wants to plan romantic dates that aren’t exactly like her TikTok inspo. It’s madness! It all comes to a head when Trey catches feelings for trial marriage partner Ryann and returns to Riah with his tail between his legs.

Relationship status: Engaged.
He proposes in the season finale, and she delightedly accepts — although they admit they could have an LDE (long-distance engagement) if she decides to live in the city.

Roxanne and Antonio, Season 2

Roxanne is a Business. Woman. She’s afraid of what marriage with Antonio would do to her work, and she’s maybe even scared to say, “I love you,” but that’s not indicative of the strength of their relationship, okay? Maybe if you had a fucking business that you were passionate about, then you would know what it takes to run a fucking business, but you don’t!

Relationship status: Engaged.
Despite all her fears, Roxanne says yes to Antonio’s season-finale proposal. And they’re still together in the reunion, although Roxanne doesn’t wear her engagement ring. Carrie told us what would happen to a relationship like this in season four of Sex and the City, but no one listens to her!

Ryann and James, Season 2

Ryann and James are high school sweethearts who’ve been together for seven years, and yet he’s not sure if he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. But the second her trial marriage partner Trey catches feelings for her, suddenly James knows she’s his soulmate. Go figure!

Relationship status: Engaged.
James proposes in the season finale, and the two are currently wedding planning. There’s also an extremely uncomfortable segment in the reunion about their kinky sex life — props to the overnight producer for that one.

Lisa and Brian, Season 2

Lisa and Brian are memorable for two reasons: (1) Lisa calling Riah a “Hooters bitch” despite previously working for Hooters herself, and (2) quitting the show early to have a baby that may or may not have been real. See below!

Relationship status: Together.
Although Lisa didn’t get the proposal she wanted, they welcomed a baby boy just weeks before shooting The Ultimatum reunion. And Lisa reveals she doesn’t regret the Hooters comment. Win-win!

Kat and Alex, Season 2

Kat and Alex are polar opposites: she’s quiet, forgiving, and kind, while he went viral for refusing to clean the house. But during the trial marriage, he paired up with Girl Boss Roxanne, while she went for her more submissive partner Antonio; however, both of them quickly realized this was not what they wanted, and Alex quickly went back to his favorite activity: causing drama amongst the cast members.

Relationship status: Engaged.
Alex gets over his fear of commitment and proposes to her in the finale; during the reunion, they show off their collaged save-the-dates. They also wore matching yellow and blue evening wear à la Beauty and the Beast — fitting!

Colby and Madlyn, Season 1

Colby and Madlyn were at an impasse: While Colby had been sure Madlyn was “the one” ever since she walked into the bar he worked at in college, she wasn’t sure marriage was for her. Their trial marriages — Madlyn’s particularly horny one to Randall and Colby’s particularly sexless one to April — seemed to bring out all their worst problems. Madlyn drunkenly picked fights with Colby about real and/or perceived slights, while Colby literally cheated on Madlyn off-camera, kissing another woman not involved with the experiment at all. Cheating is only allowed when it’s sanctioned by Netflix!!

Relationship status: Married.
Despite their issues, the two got engaged in The Ultimatum’s season-one finale and revealed they were expecting their first child during the reunion. They welcomed daughter Josie in May 2022, and, in January 2023 revealed they’re expecting Baby No. 2. Ready the gold sippy cups.

Hunter and Alexis, Season 1

Alexis and Hunter’s ultimatum revolved around living together: Hunter wanted to try moving in before a potential engagement, while Alexis wouldn’t take that step until he committed. After Colby firmly rejected Alexis during the dates, Hunter, who hadn’t been interested in anyone else, proposed to Alexis; when she said “yes,” the two basically ran off together into the sunset, leaving the table of contestants in pure and utter chaos.

Relationship status: Married.
At the time of the reunion, they were planning their wedding with the help of Hunter’s wedding-planner mother; in June 2022, they officially tied the knot. Take that, Colby!

Randall and Shanique, Season 1

When The Ultimatum began, Shanique was ready for marriage, but Randall preferred to wait until they could get their finances together. During the experiment, Shanique had a trial marriage with Zay, and the two formed a deep, emotional connection; meanwhile, Randall lived with Madlyn, and the pair definitely formed a physical one. Who could forget Madlyn drunkenly waxing poetic about Randall’s sexiness to Shanique, his ex/current girlfriend/fellow contestant/neighbor??

Relationship status: In a relationship.
The couple were the first to get engaged in the finale, and though they revealed in the reunion that they split for six months, they’re back together. But there are no wedding plans (or trial wedding plans) just yet.

Nathan and Lauren, Season 1

At the start of the series, Lauren and Nathan had a real deal-breaker on their hands: Nate wanted children while Lauren didn’t. After they had dated all the other contestants, it seemed like Lauren and Nate were going to actually participate in this experiment … until Hunter proposed to Alexis. When Colby suggested he and Lauren live together, Nate surprise-proposed to her, even though he had just whispered to Madlyn that he’d choose her. Seems like a solid foundation for marriage.

Relationship status: Married.
Apparently Nate knew his proposal wasn’t the most romantic, so he re-proposed six weeks after the two left the show. They married on October 1, 2022, with Lauren revealing in the season’s reunion that they decided to have one child. They’ve also called out the series for being “fake/edited,” telling hosts of the Your Poor Dad podcast that producers surprised them with the format of the show and told them who would be issuing the ultimatum.

The Ultimatum: Queer Love

Rae and Lexi, Season 1

Though Lexi is two years younger than girlfriend Rae, she knows what she wants: a marriage and life together. But when Rae can’t say yes just yet, they enter into trial relationships with Mal and Vanessa, respectively; meanwhile, one steamy night in the bedroom between Rae and Vanessa shakes the relationship to the core (and results in a blowout argument that makes a little too much use of the word “inside”).

Relationship status: Broken up.
Though they got engaged on the season finale — and remained together throughout reunion taping — a bombshell edit at the end of the final episode informed viewers that Rae and Lexi had called off their nuptials. Now, Lexi has happily moved on—though it’s not with Mal.

Sam and Aussie, Season 1

At 42, Aussie rounds out the oldest members of the cast but still can’t commit to girlfriend Sam or tell their family about their sexuality. Aussie’s trial marriage to Mildred ultimately wraps up early due to these issues, while Sam’s partnership with Tiff highlighted exactly what she needed in a partner.

Relationship status: Engaged.
After getting engaged in the season finale (and staying together during and after the reunion), these two are the only couple from The Ultimatum: Queer Love to come out unscathed, although Aussie still hasn’t told their family about their love life. Whoops.

Xander and Vanessa, Season 1

High school besties-turned-girlfriends Xander and Vanessa have an absolute roller coaster of a time on The Ultimatum: Vanessa starts off as a trial villain when she’s labeled “Voldemort” by Lexi, then Xander catches feelings for trial wife Yoly, and then it’s all a big trial mess when they move back in together.

Relationship status: Broken up.
Xander and Vanessa split in the season finale, and Xander doesn’t get together with Yoly, either, who accepts a proposal from Mal. And now we’re left wondering: Who was the real villain of this season?

Yoly and Mal, Season 1

Yoly and Mal have been dating ever since meeting at Pride years ago, and while Yoly is confident they’ll be together forever, Mal wants to get their finances in check before marriage. But each forms strong bonds outside their relationship — Yoly with Xander and Mal with Lexi — so when they return for the second part of the experiment, this couple is on even more unstable ground.

Relationship status: Broken up.
On the reunion, Mal and Yoly reveal that they broke up just weeks after they got engaged on the season finale. But the real match made in heaven was the one between Mal and Lexi, who remain besties (cough, cough, get together, please).

Mildred and Tiff, Season 1

After Tiff slid into Mildred’s DMs thanks to a very specific hashtag (“#LesbianLatina,” to be exact), the couple has turned into one big, happy family, thanks to the additions of Mildred’s son and Tiff’s dog. But their communication issues take a toll on the couple, and they enter into rocky trial marriages with Sam and Aussie, respectively.

Relationship status: Broken up.
And it’s for the best. Although they got engaged in the season finale, Tiff leaves the reunion early when Mildred blames them for an arrest report made after the season stopped filming, when Mildred threw a dog gate at Tiff during an argument. Tiff has now had “four months of complete peace and healing,” according to Netflix’s Tudum, and we’re happy for them!

Dated & Related

Kaz and Diana, Season 1

When the show’s eight pairs of rowdy siblings hit the villa, certified players Kaz and Diana shared an instant connection, which was not not because they were the two hottest people there. Together they fought off slews of admirers, remained a couple the entire series, and even dropped the L-bomb during the series’ penultimate episode, going on to win the show and its $100,000 grand prize.

Relationship status: Broken up.
The villa’s golden couple gave it a shot after hitting the real world, as they conveniently both lived in London and even told Netflix’s Tudum they planned on going on a tropical vacation with the prize money. But just a few days later, Kaz confirmed on the Reality With Will Njobvu podcast that the two had slowly lost contact over the past year and split.

Daniel and Nina, Season 1

After Nina’s split with Kieran, the sought-after Parsijani twin was available — making it the perfect time for Daniel to dump best bro Joey’s sister Corrina and go after her. After some wing-womaning from his sister, Julia (this isn’t confusing at all), Daniel and Nina got together, ultimately tying for second place with Kieran and Alara.

Relationship status: Broken up.
Despite giving long distance a shot, the couple hasn’t been spotted together. But Daniel does remain close with villa BFF Joey, so we guess “bros before hoes” still applies, even when you once dumped his sister.

Kieran and Alara, Season 1

Alara’s mid-season entrance along with brother Ceylan forced her to split up an existing couple, and she targeted none other than Bishop twin Kieran. After days of continued grafting, their connection overpowered his relationship with Nina, creating awkward familial dynamics. (His brother, Kaz, continued to date her sister, Diana. Are you lost yet?) The two left the villa together promising that family reunions wouldn’t be too weird.

Relationship status: Broken up.
The power of two weeks in a villa with their siblings couldn’t hold Kieran and Alara together, and they split before Dated & Related even came out due to distance. In case you were wondering, Alara’s love life is still thriving: She told Tudum at the time of the series’ September premiere that “the queue” of suitors is “long.”

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