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Where Bloomingdale’s RTW Director Shops for a ‘Forever Wardrobe’

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“I do use shopping as a form of self-care,” Janelle Lloyd tells us over Zoom. Bloomingdale’s recently announced ready-to-wear fashion director, also known as @waityouneedthis, is likely to be found digging through the racks of Manhattan Vintage Show or Michael’s Consignment when she isn’t shopping online.

Her biggest style inspiration comes from the personal style of designers such as Amy Smilovic of Tibi. “I like how they style themselves and how they think about a capsule wardrobe,” Lloyd explains. “These are women who are going to work and are living real lives. They’re not putting things on for a photo.”

Lloyd is focused on building a forever wardrobe built around timeless pieces she knows she’ll wear someday. “I bought this embroidered caftan and I have not worn it once. However, one day when I have a house and throw a dinner party around the pool, I’ll be wearing it.”

Below, see where Lloyd got the pieces that made it into her curated wardrobe and home.

What’s your morning routine?

Janelle Lloyd

Nights are a little crazy but mornings are very specific. I’m up at 6 a.m. and then I’m with my daughter. Sometimes I’ll do the Dennis Gross LED face mask while I’m breastfeeding. [For my morning routine] I usually use a cleanser, vitamin C, eye cream, hyaluronic acid, and sunscreen. I like the brands Shani Darden and Sunday Riley. I’ll have tea while I’m doing it. I’m always doing two or three things at once.

Dr. Dennis Gross SpectraLite™ FaceWare Pro

Dr. Dennis Gross SpectraLite™ FaceWare Pro

$455 at Bloomingdale’s

$455 at Amazon

$455 at Nordstrom

$455 at Dermstore

$455 at Sephora

Janelle Lloyd

Where did you find the item that gets complimented the most?

My fringe coat from the Kooples. I have it in three iterations, leather, camel wool, and black wool. I can’t walk down the street without getting compliments on it. Coats make the outfit.

Where did you get the item you wear the most?

My gold Tsuki hoop earrings from Shashi. I wear them with everything. They are my everyday earrings. I’ve always been a chunky-gold-hoop girl. I was just telling someone I needed to order backups. They’re very lightweight. I re-up my gold hoops quarterly, just in case I lose them. I love to buy jewelry at Bloomingdale’s but Shopbop has an edgy and fun assortment. J.Crew is fun, too. For fine jewelry, I also like Ring Concierge and Anna Sheffield.

Shashi Baby Tsuki Hoop

Shashi Baby Tsuki Hoop

Where did you get your favorite piece of clothing?

Janelle Lloyd

My vintage belt is from a flea market in L.A. My favorite thing to do in L.A. is scour the flea markets. I love this belt because it’s mixed metal and it looks so expensive. I couldn’t believe they were selling it! I love to wear it with leather pants and a skirt, and I like that I don’t have to think about wearing gold or silver.

When it comes to shopping vintage and secondhand, I recommend one tries on everything. I know people go in with an idea of what they’re looking for, but I just let my eye travel and enjoy.

Where did you get the item you splurged on the most?

Janelle Lloyd

My black Chanel bag is from Bloomingdale’s. I was influenced. There’s this British stylist-slash-influencer whom I just really liked, and she kept pairing this bag with everything. I’m not awestruck by bags often, but I’ve been thinking about it for a year. It was kind of a gift to myself just for having a really good year.

What do you keep in your bag?

Snacks. My sister always tells me, “You always have a half-eaten Snickers or something.” I also always have lip balm or lip gloss.

19/99 Beauty High-Shine Gloss

19/99 Beauty High-Shine Gloss

$25 at Amazon

$24 at Revolve Clothing

Where did you get the item you’ve had for the longest time?

Janelle Lloyd

My mid-century dresser from a vintage-furniture warehouse in Brooklyn. I went to this warehouse on the outskirts of Williamsburg years ago and I had my heart set on getting all-vintage furniture. This was about $300 at the time, which was a lot when all my friends were going to Ikea.

Where do you get your favorite item to layer?

I like bodysuits from Agolde. I think they’re really flattering with a high collar under blazers or with skirts.

AGOLDE Bree Banded One Shoulder Bodysuit

AGOLDE Bree Banded One Shoulder Bodysuit

$198 at Bloomingdale’s

Chinea Rodriguez , 2024-03-13 15:53:55

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