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Lisa From Temecula’s Meat Still Isn’t Cooked

She has risen! Ego Nwodim’s breakout Saturday Night Live character has returned yet again, and for that we are nothing but grateful. The sketch began unassumingly, with a group of co-workers simply out to dinner. It wasn’t until one of them (Punkie Johnson) revealed that she was from Temecula that we were clued into what was coming. Right on queue, out walked her sister, Lisa From Temecula, pink sweater and all. “Y’all been in the bathrooms here? They got that good soap,” she announced to the table, who’s meal she was taking care of. “I pay my way!” As we know, a hallmark of a Lisa From Temecula sketch is her testing the Richter scale by violently shaking the table — this time by using her erasable pen to remove the tip from her receipt after seeing that gratuity (pronounced “gratatouille”) was already added. “Hold up, this wing ain’t done,” she said at the end of the sketch. “That’s it, I’m suing. I told them to cook my meat!”


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Tom Smyth , 2024-03-10 17:43:04

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