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In Verdi Square

sstavsky has added a photo to the pool:

In Verdi Square

Verdi Square, named for Italian opera composer Giuseppe Verdi, is a very small park (0.1-acre) on a traffic island on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The Verdi Monument, at the center of this photograph, was sculpted in 1906 by Pasquale Civiletti. It contains a dark-granite pedestal with four statues of characters from Verdi’s opera. A statue of Verdi stands atop the pedestal. The statues are made of white Carrara marble. (Wikipedia)

During the 1970’s, the park was sometimes referred to as "Needle Park," after the 1971 film "Panic in Needle Park," referencing the use and sale of drugs in the park.

sstavsky , 2024-02-08 16:05:49

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