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Henry Cavill Doesn’t ‘Understand’ Sex Scenes

Henry Cavill can figure out how to play a spy, a superhero, and a monster hunter, but he can’t play a person who enjoys sex scenes. On the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Cavill and Argylle director Matthew Vaughn explains how they do not “understand” sex scenes. “I am not a fan,” added Cavill, before admitting he feels “awkward” filming them— hey, The Tudors had a lot of ‘em. “I think there are circumstances where a sex scene is actually beneficial to a movie rather than just the audience. I think sometimes they’re overused these days. It’s when you have a sense that you’re going ‘Is this really necessary? Or is it just people with less clothing on?’ and that’s where you start to get more uncomfortable and you’re thinking ‘There’s not a performance here, there’s not a piece which is gonna carry through into the rest of the movie.’” Look, not everyone can appreciate a good sex scene, especially when they’re extremely hot. But, we can think of at least 30 sex scenes that are very essential to cinema.


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Alejandra Gularte , 2024-02-07 06:01:25

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