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How Many Times Did Lady Gaga Say ‘Put Your Hands Up’ at the Chromatica Ball?


Photo: Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images for Live Nation

Lady Gaga finally released the concert film of her Chromatica Ball tour on May 25, and while the biggest takeaway was the promise of new music on the way, there was something else of note: the number of times she told the audience to put their hands up. The trend quickly emerged when she made the request three times during her first song. Had viewers made a drinking game out of it, tragedy would have struck. In fact, she told the audience to put their hands and/or paws in the air so many times that you might have begun to wonder if they weren’t listening…as if they couldn’t hear her. But shots of the audience confirmed that Mother Monster’s mic was working, and they were following her instruction…all of them. But just how many times did Lady Gaga tell the crowd to put their hands up during her HBO concert film? Exactly 45 times over the course of the 1 hour and 52 minute film. Here’s a thorough breakdown of each command and which songs they were delivered during.

Bad Romance

• “Put your hands up LA.”
• “LA, put your hands up.”
• “Put your hands up.”

Just Dance

• “I said put your fucking hands up.”
• “Put your hands up! Now jump.”
• “Hands up!”

Poker Face

• “I said put your hands up.”
• “Put your hands up.” *
• “I said put your hands up, LA.”


• “Put your hands up.”


• “Put your hands up.”


• “Put your paws up.”
• “C’mon, hands up!”
• “Put your paws up, c’mon.”
• “Put your paws up, let’s go.”


• “It’s a fucking emergency! Hands up!”
• “Hands up!”
• “Put your fucking hands up!”

Sour Candy

• “Hands in the air!”
• “Put your hands up.”


• “Hands up!”
• “Put your hands up. Now jump.”


• “Put your hands up!”
• “Put your hands up!”
• “Put your hands up!”
• “Put your hands up!”
• “Put your hands up!”
• “Put your hands up!”
• “Hands up!”


• “Put your hands up. Now let’s serve.”
• “Put your hands up.”
• “Hands up, c’mon!”

Free Woman

• “You better all put your hands up, and jump. Let’s go.”
• “Put your hands up.”

Born This Way

• “Put your hands up! Let’s celebrate your pride, c’mon!”
• “Put your hands up!”
• “Put your hands up…for your pride!”

Fun Tonight

• “Come on, put your hands up.”
• “Put your hands up. You ready? Now jump.”


• “Hands up!”
• “Hands up!”

Stupid Love

• “Hollywood, I want your stupid fucking love. Hands up!”
• “Put your hands up.”
• “Put your hands up. You better jump.”
• “Put your hands up!”


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