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Liam Hemsworth Puts on His Best Geralt of Rivia Cosplay


Netflix has unveiled the first look at The Witcher season four, and it’s a doozy. As the series employs its typical frigid color palette, we see a horse trotting alongside its master in the deep fog of night. Titular character Geralt of Rivia has his back turned to the camera, instantly recognizable with his broad shoulders and silver tresses complemented by a leather tunic and sword strapped to his back. When he turns his face toward the camera, however, this isn’t Henry Cavill, who previously played the show’s lead, but Liam Hemsworth of Hunger Games fame, who replaced Cavill after the Superman star left the series in 2022 to pursue other ventures. Hemsworth sure had us in the first half of the trailer, at least.

“His look has been in development for over a year, so it’s thrilling to finally share an official sneak peek of Liam Hemsworth as Geralt of Rivia,” The Witcher showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich exclusively told Entertainment Weekly. “Cast and crew alike have been struck by the passion, energy, and embodiment Liam has brought to the character from day one — scruffy beard, iconic scar, and all! We’re having so much fun filming season four and are excited to welcome fans along on this journey with us.” We’ll let the jury deliberate on the recast until we see a full trailer. Only then can we give him (or not give him) his flowers.


  • Say Goodbye to Your Witcher
  • Henry Cavill Passes The Witcher Sword Over to Liam Hemsworth


Zoe Guy , 2024-05-22 22:28:02

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