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The Beauty Products ‘Curl Guru’ Lorraine Massey Uses to the Last Drop


Photo: Courtesy of Lorraine Massey

Hairstylist and author Lorraine Massey is known as the “curl guru,” specifically, her ability to revive even the most damaged coils. Massey opened the renowned Devachan salon in 1994 and soon after launched DevaCurl products and created the “Curly Girl Method” for cutting hair. Before this, the West Midlands–born, New York–based stylist got her start as a shampoo girl at 13 years old and as an apprentice at Toni & Guy.

In 2019, Massey opened a new, boutique curly-hair salon in the heart of Tribeca: Spiral XYZ. The curly-hair oasis epitomizes zen, equipped with wood-paneled walls, relaxing music, homemade tea, and the most comfortable, sleep-inducing shampoo beds. But more than curating this tranquil space, Massey loves “being able to encourage people to think differently about their hair. For so many years, I’ve been hearing people talk negatively about their hair as though it’s not directly attached to their head,” she says. “There is no greater feeling than seeing people learn to love and celebrate their natural curls.”

Below, the hair genius opens up about her morning and nighttime self-care routines, the importance of cycling in her life, and more.

A.M. Routine

I’m an early riser, and my body usually wakes up with the sun. On a typical day, I will wake up and immediately have a tall glass of room-temperature water and make a strong coffee. Some days, I’ll dunk my face into a bowl of ice water and then use it to water the plants so there’s no waste. This helps with puffiness, and I feel so refreshed after doing it. On other days, I’ll spritz my face with CurlyWorld’s I Mist You lavender spray. I typically keep this in the fridge so it’s nice and cold when I apply it to my face. It’s a nice morning refresher.

I always like moving my body before I head to work, so I’ll go to the gym to get in a quick workout or, if it’s nice out, I’ll go for a bike ride or take a walk. I get home and shower. My shower routine consists of only a few key products. To start, I wet my hair and evenly distribute CurlyWorld’s Sham-Free Hair & Scalp Cleanser over the canopy of my hair, then target the ends. While the ends are soaking up the moisture, I try to slow down and give myself a nice scalp massage, which helps stimulate the blood flow and promotes healthy hair growth. I use my fingertips to cleanse my scalp before I detangle and organize the rest of my curly landscape.

I slowly rinse that out and follow with CurlyWorld’s Terms and Conditions, a super-hydrating conditioner. As a curly girl, I don’t typically rinse out all of my conditioner because it’s water-soluble. I lightly blot out excess water with a bamboo or cheesecloth so I can feel how much needs to be removed. For body wash, I switch between Kiehl’s Musk Body Wash and Jordan Samuel’s After Show Body Cleanser, both of which I’ve used for years.

Between cleanse days, I refresh my hair using an even ratio of Sham-Free and half-cooled boiled water and mix it together as a daily refresh. I squeeze it into the hair, which refreshes the curls on contact. I follow this with the I Mist You spray.

Every two weeks or so, I’ll use CurlyWorld’s With or Without Hue as a treatment. It brightens highlighted and naturally silver hair and eliminates any yellow tones. I’ll apply the With or Without Hue in my hair while it’s dry and let it soak in for ten to 15 minutes. Then, I’ll wet my hair and detangle it with Sham-Free, rinse it out, and add Terms and Conditions. Lastly, I’ll evenly apply Leave-in-Lover, a lightweight, no-crunch conditioning gel, over my hair.

On my skin, I start with Jordan Samuel’s Matinee Cream Cleanser, followed by the Ranavat Brightening Saffron Serum. Then, I lock it all in with Jordan Samuel’s Moisture Recovery Cream and top with Supergoop’s GlowScreen — I love the glow-y finish. I don’t use any heavy foundation, so I love this lightweight option. I follow with Maybelline mascara, e.l.f. eyebrow pencil, and Bobby Brown’s OG Pot Rouge.

For fragrance, I use a mixture of the musk oil from Kiehl’s and pure sandalwood for a lovely, subtle scent. I’ve been using this for years.

P.M. Routine

I get home from work, and my go-to dinner is usually a huge bowl of lentils that I meal-prep for myself every Sunday. I combine all my favorite veggies, spices, lots of ginger and lentils. I let it simmer in this massive pot. It’s so easy and delicious. I’ve also been making homemade iced tea for years — a staple at my salon Spiral XYZ. We serve it to all our clients. I make it fresh using fresh fruit, honey, ginger, and water.

My evening skin routine is simple and starts with Jordan Samuel’s After Show Treatment Cleanser. It’s truly the only thing that gently removes all my makeup at the end of a long day. I follow that with either his Hydrate Facial Serum or the Ranavat Brightening Saffron Serum. Then I finish with his Moisture Recovery Cream. I make sure to drink a ton of water before I go to sleep and as soon as I wake up.

On rest

Self-care and rest are crucial as we have only one body to carry us through life’s journey. As we mature, we learn to prioritize protecting, preserving, and nurturing what we have. A sense of humor is key, too, and I make it a point not to say anything negative about myself in front of myself. Sleep and water are the No. 1 key to optimum health.

On movement

I’ve been into cycling and recently embarked on a trip through rural Albania where we covered 30 to 40 miles a day for eight days. Immersing yourself in nature whenever possible is the ultimate equalizer.

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