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Heartstopper Is Coming Out Again Soon


Photo: Netflix

Heart stop … carry on! Netflix’s gay teen romance Heartstopper is coming back for a third helping. The second, most recent season ended with Charlie (Joe Locke) almost ready to tell Nick (Kit Connor) he loves him (gasp), but chickening out. We remain hopeful that Charlie manages to work up the courage, or, as the Brits say, mettle. “While Heartstopper will always celebrate the joyful and point towards hope,” series creator Alice Oseman told Netflix, “I’m really excited that we are allowing the tone of the show to mature alongside our beloved characters growing up. Mental health, sex, university ambitions, and more.” Below, the cast, the Billie Eilish-soundtracked first look, release date, and all the info about the season you’re going to swoon over later.

Who’s in the cast?

Olivia Colman may not be able to return for Heartstopper season three, but it’s not getting any less A-list in the meantime. The show revealed on April 25 that Jonathan Bailey will be making a cameo on the upcoming third season as Charlie’s Insta-hot classicist crush (Charlie … you’re killing us). Hayley Atwell, best known as Agent Peggy Carter in the MCU, will be playing Nick’s cool aunt, because every gay kid deserves a cool aunt. Plus, Charlie is finally getting a good therapist, who will be played by Eddie Marsan (Ray Donovan). Netflix describes Geoff the therapist, who appears in the graphic novels, as “straight-talking,” apparently unaware that has a different meaning in this particular situation.

Do we have a first look?

Netflix dropped a sneak preview on May 13, with Charlie seemingly ready to tell Nick he loves him before being distracted by arm. Yes, this show can be relatable. Arm great! Big fan of arm!

And what’s that about Billie Eilish?

That loving teaser featured a first listen to a new Billie Eilish song, called “Birds of a Feather,” off her upcoming album Hit Me Hard and Soft, out May 17. That is all too appropriate, because you just know those boys have cried to Happier Than Ever together before.

When can I watch/swoon/cry?

Heartstopper season three began filming last October and will premiere this October 3 — a.k.a. Mean Girls day. It’s timed perfectly with Kit Connor’s Broadway debut opposite Rachel Zegler in Romeo + Juliet. A true loverboy never stops yearning.


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