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What Bedazzled Vegetable Is Mike Faist Wearing to the Met Gala?


Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Met Museum

Mike Faist, one-third of the Challengers throuple, made his Met Gala debut with his date, a mysterious root vegetable. “But it’s radish!” “No, it’s a turnip!” The leaves on his bedazzled brooch scream radish, but the bulb yells turnip.

Vulture tried to ask Faist what veggie adorned him on the red carpet, but he had no response for our social media editor. Perhaps he himself was unsure, knowing only that the theme was “Garden of Time” and he instructed to put it on. However, after intense research via Google Images, we’re pretty sure it’s Story of Seasons’s fastest-growing vegetable, the turnip. Gardeners, please weigh in.


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Alejandra Gularte , 2024-05-07 01:12:00

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