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Who Are Pookie and Jett Puckett?

If the TikTok algorithm is good for one thing, it’s picking an account seemingly at random and putting it in front of everyone at the same time. “These are the people you’re going to be obsessed with now,” the “For You” page says. Most recently, those people are Jett and Campbell “Pookie” Puckett, an Atlanta couple who loves to do fit checks together. Perhaps you’ve heard Jett’s voice on your FYP saying, “Pookie’s looking absolutely amazing.” If you don’t know what any of these words mean, I’ve got you.

Who are Pookie and Jett?

Yes, her name is Campbell, but everyone calls her Pookie now. She is an influencer with over 250,000 followers on TikTok. He works in finance doing mergers and acquisitions. They’ve gone viral for their fit checks in which Jett compliments Pookie, telling her she looks “amazing” or “fire.” If you have spent any time in the South, you will recognize this couple. She always has a full face of makeup and is wearing something from Revolve, while he wears a polo shirt tucked into shorts.

They met at a wine bar in Philadelphia while Jett was pursuing his joint M.B.A./J.D. at the University of Pennsylvania and Pookie was a flight attendant. Does that sound like something BookTok made up? Yeah, definitely, but Pookie and Jett live a charmed life.

Why are people so into them?

People love a wife guy. Jett is obsessed with complimenting his wife, appearing in her videos, and buying her nice things. Pookie has a Birkin! Put simply, people love the idea of having a rich husband who does nothing but fawn over you. Unfortunately for Pookie, Jett is the star of her page now. He is the reason they’ve gone megaviral, and he’s the person everyone can’t stop quoting.

How could you not be intrigued by a man who says things like, “There’s a florist about 100 yards from where I sauna”?

I’m getting flashbacks to that other southern influencer couple.

Ah, yes. Lunden and Olivia. The couple whose wedding was poised to be the event of the year on TikTok until someone shared Lunden’s old tweets, many of which included her saying the N-word. Well, so far no one seems to have found any concerning posts from Jett or Pookie. Someone did share photos from Pookie’s days at Ole Miss in which she’s at some kind of Greek event and the theme seems to be the Antebellum South. The women are all dressed like Spirit Halloween Scarlett O’Hara and the men are all dressed like Colonel Sanders. After the photos came out, Pookie shared an apology on her Instagram Story.

“At the time these photos were taken, I was 20. I didn’t fully understand the impact of my actions the way I do now, 12 years later,” she wrote. “I fully apologize for the harm this may have caused for some and take full responsibility.”

“We hope to continue to bring you with us on our journey as we continue to learn and grow,” she continued. This is a classic influencer apology. She was young! But that’s no excuse. She’s sorry! She’s learning.

Should I stan?

I would never recommend stanning, especiallywhen you might not want to know who they’re voting for this year. But if you can’t help but be compelled, you could do what I did and binge-watch all of Pookie’s TikToks. Fair warning: If you do that, you will start calling everyone in your life Pookie and telling them that they look absolutely amazing tonight. But is that such a bad thing?

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