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Catch of the Day: Matty Matheson’s Feet

Dress shoes are so tired, but fisherman shoes? Wired!!! The Bear’s Matty Matheson showed up to the 2024 Emmys in footwear that would put the Row’s $1,090 version to shame (but not my Baba and all my pseudo-uncles leaving the mosque on a Friday — they’re still the sandal kings).

Matheson, a real-life chef and actor who plays Fak in the Emmy-nominated series The Bear, is operating on levels of fashion-dom those of us who work in the industry full-time could seriously only dream of achieving. Sure, his co-star Jeremy Allen White could briefly hold our feeble attention spans by gallivanting around (climbing ladders, doing pull-ups, and throwing himself dramatically across couches à la some woman diagnosed with “hysteria” in the 19th century) in Calvin Klein underwear on some nondescript rooftop in New York. But what we, the people, really want are more opportunities to see socks with sandals on a red carpet, specifically, paired with a tuxedo. What’s more is Matheson wore ballet slippers with socks the night before, at the 29th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards. What a scrumptious choice! George Washington is shaking in his grave with envy! Every single ghost haunting the halls of Versailles is suddenly floating toward Los Angeles! Schoolgirls nationwide are taking note!

Red carpets can be so BORING. We crave surprise and delight, and The Bear actor has now made a habit of delivering just that. For that reason, Matty Matheson, you will always be famous.

Photo: Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for FIJI Water
Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images


  • Emmy’s 2024 Red Carpet: All the Looks Live

Danya Issawi , 2024-01-16 00:30:21

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