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Dionne Warwick: ‘Doja Who?’

Dionne Warwick is living the dream: being out of touch with pop culture. Or she was, until Doja Cat sampled her song “Walk on By” for the hit single “Paint the Town Red” and she had no choice but to learn about one of the artists currently charting on the “Billboard Hot 100.” “It’s amazing — I didn’t know it had been recorded by her,” Warwick said on The Kelly Clarkson Show on December 1. Did they have to ask permission for the sample? “No, not really,” Warwick spilled. “My granddaughter called me and said, ‘Grammy, do you know you’re on a record with Doja Cat?’ I said, ‘Doja who?’”

The singer learned all about the chart-topping artist from her granddaughter. “Apparently, it’s a major hit, and I’m thrilled,” Warwick said. “I hope ‘Walk on By’ is as good for her as it’s been for me.” The 1964 song peaked at No. 6 on “The Hot 100” and No. 37 on the year-end chart, so it appears that Warwick’s wish is coming true. Plus the sample introduces a new generation to the music they might not have known otherwise. “They’re great songs, and finally they’re being exposed to good music, jeez,” Warwick said, agreeing with her hands clasped in prayer. To Twitter’s favorite auntie: Be careful what you wish for. What if Drake samples “I’ll Never Love This Way Again” and you have to learn who he is? It’s not worth it!


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Zoe Guy , 2023-12-01 23:20:43

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